AJ Offically Retired or Offically Fired?

Picture Credits WWE.com

Aj Lee has officially retired from in ring competition. This
comes just 5 days after her victory at Wrestlemania 31 alongside Paige over the
Bella Twins. 
Her last performance in the ring was in a 6-Diva tag match on Raw
this past Monday. 

Aj’s departure from WWE has been long speculated upon since
her husband CM Punk left the company. 

After a few hiatuses
from the ring these speculations gained momentum and many though she was done.
I doubt anyone thought she would retire this abruptly, considering she JUST
wrestled at ‘Mania.

This leaves a lot of people astonished and confused. What
exactly occurred to make her retire in such an unceremonious fashion? It could
be that she has grown tired of the politics behind the scenes in WWE. This is what
led to her husband’s departure last year. 
Another reason would be the lawsuit
WWE has filed against her husband, which stems from his claims of malpractice
by the WWE medics. 
I believe it may have been a combination of the two.
Watching the Bella Twins get so much screen time and high profile feuds instead
of her may have been going on for too long. She also might want to show as much
support for her husband as possible by distancing herself from the company
that’s trying to sue him.

Drama aside, Aj will go down as one of the best divas to
grace the ring. She almost single handedly brought the division back to notice
to the fans and showed that Divas still mattered. Her feuds with Kaitlyn and
Paige helped bring the Divas title the prestige it still needs more of. She
will be most known for having the longest Divas title reign to date,
impressively defeating every diva on the roster while holding the title. 
AJ Lee
followed her dreams and created a legacy that will inspire little girls
everywhere. From all of us here at Rumbling Rumors, we want to thank the little
girl from New Jersey who followed her dreams and skipped her way into our
hearts. Thank you AJ and everything you have done

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By Marqiuse Creek

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