The recent contract expiration of Samoa Joe is another shot to the TNA roster, but may be WWE’s huge gain! TNA has been known to sign former WWE talent, i.e. Drew McIntyre (now Galloway) and Kurt Angle. However, I don’t recall there ever being a huge jump from TNA to WWE. 

Sure there have been stars who’ve flopped back & forth between the two companies, but if Joe does make the jump, it’ll be the biggest signing from either brand, IMO. 

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Personally I would love to see Joe make the jump, because it would be another addition to the ever growing roster pool acquired by WWE over the last year. Guys like Finn Bálor, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have all turned what use to be just a developmental brand of WWE to its own full fledged brand! 

Many stars of the past have praised the ever growing WWE “indie” brand. It’s gained so much buzz, in fact, they have been considering taking NXT out on the road, like the main roster and many of the NXT stars are reportedly excited about the potential move. 

If Samoa Joe does sign with WWE, I believe it will be a huge step towards the brand’s prospective touring schedules. As reports have indicated in the past, Joe signing is being pushed largely by one executive in WWE who’s also a huge fan of his work. Coincidentally, it just so happens to be the man in charge of NXT, Triple H. 

The Game, himself, is said to be huge fan of Joe’s work and really wants to see Joe in the WWE. Many people are wondering though, how would Joe be used in WWE? 

Would he be thrusted into the main event spotlight, as he rightfully should be? Would he be treated a certain way because of his established career in ROH but more notably TNA? The answers to the these questions remain unknown. 


Hypothetically, if WWE does treat Joe as a main eventer and Joe enjoys his time, this might lead former and maybe current TNA stars who might have contracts expiring to come to WWE, i.e. Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. 

Time will only tell where Joe decides to go. In the meantime, he has already booked some dates with ROH and a couple other indie promotions. Speaking of ROH, WWE is reportedly looking into some ROH stars, specifically The Briscoes, but could that indication also be towards Joe? One can only hope…for now.

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By Travis F-H.

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