John Cena’s Future After Wrestlemania 31.

Wrestlemania is the showcase of the immortals. It is here
where legends are made and legacies are formed. When you think of the
“granddaddy of them all”, you come to expect certain things. The high octane
crowd, the stellar stage set-up, a card stacked top to bottom that’s brought to
a close with a must-see main event. 
All of these are true for this year but
there seems to be one thing that’s standing out. John Cena is fighting for a
championship that’s not the WWE/WHC.
John Cena will face Rusev for the United States Championship
at ‘Mania 31. This marks the first time since ‘Mania 20 that Cena will not be
defending or trying to win a world title. This raises many eyebrows upon first
glance and even more questions. 
The biggest question that we all should be
asking is, where exactly does John Cena go from here?
I believe I have the
answer to that but to truly understand where one is headed; you must know where
they come from.
The very first Wrestlemania that John Cena competed in was
the 20th anniversary edition. It was here that Cena not only won his
first ‘Mania match but also captured his first WWE title in the form of the US
Championship; keep this in mind as we move forward. The following year Cena
would move into the main event scene as he competed for the WWE championship.
This would be the start of an era as this signaled Cena officially taking his
place on the top of the WWE Mountain. However the spotlight would be shared
with fellow rising star Batista, who had won the WHC the same night in the main
event of the show.

John Cena
Cena wouldn’t share the spotlight for long as the following
year he competed in the main event of ‘Mania 22 against HHH, officially marking
his spot as the top guy in the company. Cena would again defend the WWE
championship the following year, this time against HBK in the main event of
‘Mania 23, emerging victorious yet again. Wrestlemania 24 saw Cena on the other
end of the pond as he walked in as the challenger, facing HHH and Orton.

was Cena’s first loss at the biggest stage of them all; however Cena would
redeem himself the following year at ‘Mania 25 by capturing the WHC in a triple
threat against Edge and The Big Show. The next year at WrestleMania 26 Cena
defeated Batista for the WWE championship in a surprisingly great encounter. At
‘Mania 27, Cena competed for the WWE championship in a losing effort to The
Miz; mainly due to interference from The Rock. This would set up the next
chapter in Cena’s Wrestlemania history.
Due to The Rock costing him his WWE championship match against
The Miz at ‘Mania 27, a match was set in place in which the Rock would face
Cena in the main event of WrestleMania 28. This was the first time that Cena
would have a match at Wrestlemania that wouldn’t be contested for a
championship. Cena fought The Rock in a losing effort but was able to redeem
his loss to the Great One by defeating him in a rematch at ‘Mania 29 for the
WWE Championship.

John Cena At this point Cena had built quite the track record for
himself and secured a legacy that would forever be remembered, which cause him
to fall into the crosshairs of Bray Wyatt. The two would go on to clash at
Wrestlemania 30 in Cena’s second ever non-title ‘Mania match in which Cena,
much to the dismay of fans, won In convincing fashion. Now that we have covered
the past let’s look at the present.

Cena is walking into Wrestlemania 31 with an event record
like no other. He has competed in a total of 11 Wrestlemania events. 
 Eight of those have been in matches for world
titles, one has been for the United States, and only two have been contested
without a championship on the line. Cena is a walking dynasty who has conceived
a legacy that would make most hall of famers blush. So that brings us back to
the question that needs to be answered, where does John Cena go from here? Well
if you look closely you we have already answered that.

John Cena fighting for the US title makes his career come
full circle as he is right back where he started.
That title win cemented his
face turn and kicked off his megs-face run that has lasted over 12 years. Which
mean that only one thing happens now. Win, lose, or draw this is the start of
the long awaited heel turn of John Cena heel turn. Don’t believe me? Let’s look
at the evidence.

John Cena turned face in the build up to his first championship
match against big show at WrestleMania. That match was for the US title. This
is the match that turned Cena into a face from a heel. By having Cena fight for
the US title this year they are officially wrapping up his Mega-face run the
same way they started it. Another reason Cena fighting for the US title is the
start of his heel turn build is that the US title simply isn’t enough. Now I’m
not talking prestige, what I mean that Cena just can’t live without the WWE

John Cena 16 oz Glass Mug
All Cena cares about is the WWE championship. Ever since he
first won the title and “iced” it out he has lived to be the champion. In most
cases Cena has already displayed heel traits when the WWE title is involved.
Just recently Cena cut a heel promo in January to build for his match at the
Royal Rumble with Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. After letting The Authority
return, all of his teammates from Survivor series were then fired by the
The following week on RAW, Cena spoke of the matter in a way that went
over many fans heads. He stated that he would avenge them by winning the WWE
Championship. After four superstars risked their jobs by helping him, all he
cared about was the WWE title. That will still be the truth even after he wins
the US title this Sunday. Cena will grow increasingly angry at the fact that he
has been bumped out of the main event scene by the new generation of stars.

John Cena 11 x 14 Art PrintCena will begin to try to move closer to the WWE title but
to no avail as the new gen will constantly have the spot that he wants. This is
where his turn begins to show face as he will become visibly upset that it
isn’t him that is fighting for the title. Cena will then find some way to get
into the main even of Wrestlemania 32, by either winning the WWE title at the
2016 edition of the Royal Rumble or the match itself. 
Cena will walk into that
Wrestlemania a face but will surely leave a full-fledged heel as he will join
the Authority to gain the advantage against a younger star in the main event.
After his match this Sunday against Rusev, strap in folks as we are in for a
massive John Cena heel turn.

By Marquise Creek

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