Is Seth Rollins Ready to be the Face of WWE?

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WWE is the Mount Olympus of the wrestling industry. It has a
long history that has spawned many tales and legends. Among these tales are
those of legends who stood atop of the mountain and led the company. This is a
burden and an honor one in the same. Most recently the man on top has been John
Cena but it seems that his time is up and it is time for someone to stand on
top of the mountain. 
With fans growing more and more vocal of their boredom
with the veteran stars, the company seems to be headed to the future. With NXT
rapidly growing and fans welcoming the new talent, WWE needs someone to lead
them to the future.  That man is none
other than “Mr.MITB” Seth Rollins. However there is just one question when it
comes to this matter. Is he ready to lead WWE into the future?
To answer this question one must ask what exactly makes a
superstar ready to be “The Guy”.
There are a multitude of factors that come
into play when this is brought up. Some might say that they have to be able to
cut a promo that’ll blow you out of your seat. Others will say that you have to
be the best “wrassler” in the company. The one thing that seems to come across
all of the “top guys” that have led the company is the “it” factor. Let’s take
a look at how Seth Rollins fits into all of these categories to see just how
ready he is.
The art of cutting a promo in wrestling is a major factor
when you are trying to make fans believe you are “THE” guy. You have some
legends that can come out and speak from the heart and have the crowd roaring for
their victory; how Cena used to be able to do. Then you have others who are
more delivery focused versus substance; such as Steve Austin.

Seth Rollins,
being a heel, has to be able to get the crowd to hate him just by cutting a
promo alone. I would like to think that he has grown substantially in this
area. He has almost mastered the “arrogant heel” promo style. When he speaks
you listen but you hate him at the same time. He’s cocky, boastful, and
downright narcissistic. His constant mention of how he “bought in” to himself
when the crowd chants that he’s a sellout draws great heel heat. The most
important feature of his mic skills that makes him ready to be the top guy is
the fact that he is believable.

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins comes off as a genuine bad guy
that thinks he is the best thing to happen to wrestling.
Now there are times
where Rollins can come off as if he’s ready from a script. He also tends to
mess up some words when talking. However these are two traits that are quickly
disappearing from his weekly promos. Seth Rollins is ready when it comes to
barking, but what about his bite?
In order for you to be the top guy you have to be able to
keep the fans invested in the only place that it matters, the ring. A great
move-set can take you from mid-card to the main event; just ask Daniel Bryan.
With nearly zero mic time, he managed to win fans over in the ring and moved
from the tag title scene into one of the most memorable ‘Mania stories of all

On the same token, a limited move-set can have drastic implications on
how a star is treated by the crowd. The best example of this would be John
Cena, who’s predictable move-set has drawn him boo’s that rival those of some
of the greatest heels. So let’s take a look at Seth’s ability.

Seth’s in ring
ability surpasses that of Daniel Bryan by a notable margin. He can pull off
just about every move that Bryan can and then some. His aerial assault skills
were showcased during his time in the shield, his springboard flying knee being
the downfall of countless stars.

His uncanny ability to land on his feet almost
every time he dives through, sometimes over, the ropes is unreal. While this
alone could be enough to win over fans, Seth also sports a variety of power
moves. His most Notable power move is his running corner powerbomb, which he
has performed on everyone from Dolph Ziggler to Ryback. The crown jewel of his
vast array of moves is his finisher, the curb stomp. It is a simple yet painful
move that is believable and has the ability to be performed perfectly on any star.
Seth’s bark might still need some fine tuning but his bite is as deadly as they

That now brings us to the most important factor when leading
the company, the “it” factor. John Cena may not be a ring general but women and
kids love him. Steve Austin looks like a generic wrestler but he’s one of the
most beloved stars in history.

The Undertaker had a gimmick that was supposed
to die in the mid-card but is now one of the greatest stars to have ever
stepped foot in the ring. HBK, HHH, Y2J, the list goes on and on. They all have
had that “it” factor about them that makes them must-see talent. They command
your attention when they enter the arena. You want to see them win or lose but
above all else you want to see them. Now sit and ask yourself, does Seth
Rollins have “it”? You better bet your bottom dollar he does.

Whether you were
watching him fly as part of The Shield, hoping he didn’t get left behind when
the group separated, or you tune in now in hopes of someone finally shutting
his mouth. All that matters is that he makes you tune in. At this year’s Royal
Rumble PPV, Seth took center stage alongside Brock Lesnar and John Cena.
However it was hard to tell that Seth was the rookie as he stole the show with
his performance, making you believe that he belonged. Seth Rollins has “it” and
he is ready to take it to the top.

So let’s add this up shall we. When it comes to mic skills,
Seth is decent but is rapidly improving. When it comes to his in-ring ability
he is in the upper echelon of WWE’s finest. Lastly, when it comes to having the
“it” factor, Seth has it and then some.

Now some will argue that Seth still has
to improve on the mic but I believe that will come with time. If it doesn’t
then they can always go the route of finding him a manager. Admit it, you love
the thought of Heyman and Rollins working together. Now we can answer the
question that we started out with. Is Seth Rollins ready to lead WWE into the

By Marquise Creek

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