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Real Wrestling Talk: The State Of The WWE
What’s going on Rumbling Rumors fans? I know it’s been a longtime, but “Real Wrestling Talk” is back and I wanted to get a few things off my chest as a “Fan.” I say a fan because even with some of the success I’ve had as a journalist thus far…..first and foremost I’m a fan. 
World Wrestling Entertainment is buzzing at all-time high right now, buzzing as a positive or negative is still up for debate. As we all know, Roman Reigns is the “New” handpicked guy to carry the company into the next decade. My feelings about Reigns have changed back and forth for months now, but the main objective that I have is why couldn’t World Wrestling Entertainment use more than one guy as the face of the company?
 Why does one guy have to get the “Mega” role while other talented superstars take the backseat? With all due respect to Vince McMahon, I don’t want to hear about how he doesn’t think this generation of wrestlers don’t want the brass ring. How can you grab a brass ring if your boss doesn’t want you to? 
You don’t think Dean Ambrose is trying to grab it, or Seth Rollins is trying to grab it, you don’t think Dolph Ziggler on multiple occasions hasn’t tried to grab it? Also Don’t get me started on Daniel Bryan.

Bray Wyatt has tried to grab it, so many people like Edge, even Alex Riley at one point, Wade Barrett, and Zack Ryder. Some of these guys I don’t really like but they’ve tried to grab the brass ring. For starters, Zack Ryder isn’t one of my favorite wrestlers but he’s over with the fans. If Reigns was over with the fans, I wouldn’t have a problem with his push because when it’s a person’s time then it’s their time. Right now, the crowds are going crazy for Daniel Bryan because it is still Daniel Bryan’s time.
It’s like going to Burger King and you order a whopper with large fries, and they hand you a damn caesar salad. The fans may want the whopper in Daniel Bryan or Dean Ambrose but the WWE gives you a damn Roman Reigns salad because they feel like that’s what you deserve. I talked to a friend of mine the other day, he made a comment saying that Daniel Bryan can’t win every year. 
Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Stone Cold Steve Austin win Three Royal Rumble matches, and two of those wins were in back-to-back years? I’m not saying Bryan should win every match, or win the Rumble to headline WrestleMania every year I just thought It would’ve been better to close out this year’s WrestleMania with the leader of the Yes movement front and center.
 I would’ve been fine with Reigns becoming champion only if Bryan could’ve had a chance to be a fighting champion. I just don’t understand why we can’t have Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose be the pinnacle along with John Cena or a Roman Reigns at the top of the company.

I don’t blame Reigns for anything going on with his push because I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to be on top of WWE either. Reigns isn’t up next because he can work as a performer, it sure as hell is not because Reigns can cut a promo, if you ask me Roman is about to become the man because he has the hearts of women and children. If you watched the last episode of Raw, during his match with Kane the male fans chanted “You can’t wrestle,” while the females fans screamed “Yes he can.” Some fans care only about the look, Some fans care only about the in-ring work like myself, I also like what you can do somewhat on the microphone.

Randy Orton WWE World Heavyweight Championship Replica Title Side Plate Box Set
The Bottom line is that in the end, everything should lead up to a match. That’s why this sunday is so important for Reigns at WWE Fast Lane against Daniel Bryan. This is only the second one-on-one match he’s had on pay-per-view. The match he had with Orton at last year’s SummerSlam was all about Orton even though Reigns walked away with the victory.Any student of the game would watch the film and see that Orton carried Reigns through the entire match, Randy Orton was another superstar that was pushed down our throats but the biggest difference between Reigns and Orton is that Randy can wrestle his ass off. 

Bray Wyatt Black Fedora

Another match that comes to mind was The Shield vs. The Wyatt’s, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and Luke Harper carried that match while Reigns and Erick Rowan faded in the background. The Evolution vs. Shield match at Payback, Seth Rollins stood out the most and in my opinion, is the only guy right now in World Wrestling Entertainment that should be WWE champion. Rollins since becoming a heel has won money In the bank, gave his best performance to date at the Royal Rumble last month, and had the feud of 2014, and quite possibly the feud of the modern day era with Dean Ambrose.

I hope World Wrestling Entertainment understands one day that it’s not good business when you force feed a superstar down the fans throats. The fans have chanted “Roman Sux,” “Boring,” and when Dolph comes out Bryan comes out Dean comes out even when Mizdow comes out… don’t get that. Those are the guys that should get pushed because the crowd hangs on to everything they do. Me personally, I would love for Dean Ambrose to get a main event push because he’s the total package. 

I will always love World Wrestling Entertainment, and I know it’s not my company but I have so much passion the business as a fan and would love to see the product at it’s highest peak because that’s what’s really best for business. Real Wrestling Talk will be back on a weekly time basis, also make sure you check out my Smackdown review, and this sunday make sure you listen to the Fast Lane prediction show on Itunes: Rumbling Reality.

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By Sherron Watson

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