Roman Reigns Backstage News on His Recent “Bad Promos”.


   Backstage news and rumors may reveal why Roman has not had very good on air promos as of late. It is rumored WWE Creative has been scripting all of Reign’s talking points and it is under the impression that it is really hurting him as a major player in WWE. 

Roman Reigns

His promos as of late have not sounded very real or exciting like they once were. A lot of backstage people who support Roman Reigns are concerned with him hurting his career if WWE does not allow him to speak off the cuff and not from a script he his handed. I believe the best promos in the industry have always been the kind that the Superstar can talk about whatever they want pertaining to the feud. You would think WWE would know these kind of things by now but sometimes they get so afraid a star needs to be controlled that they end up holding him back.

By Ramsey S.

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