Randy Orton Upcoming Surgery, Out of Action Again?

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      Future WWE Hall Of Famer & former World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton status on returning to WWE live programming is rumored to be up in the air again due to the superstar scheduled to have a “Deviated Septum” surgery. Due to surgery, “The Viper” is scheduled to miss a few weeks of action. If this rumor is true, I’m sure many RKO fans including myself are disappointed. We haven’t seen the 34 year old veteran since he was attacked on November 3rd’s episode of Raw by The Authority which led to a curb stomp on the steel stairs by Seth Rollins. 
 I’ve seen a lot of videos and pictures of Randy attending house shows which meant his return was around the corner. Orton was scheduled to make his return to Raw on the final Raw of 2014, but didn’t make a live appearance. Now the question remains to be seen if we’ll see Randy Orton at The Royal Rumble, and if so what impact will “The Viper” make on the road to WrestleMania!!!

By Sherron Watson

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