NXT is What Raw & Smackdown SHOULD Be!

There are very few times, during this era of wrestling, where I could legitimately say I was excited a proud to be a wrestling fans and it wasn’t a Wrestlemania.
 So few, in fact, I can count them on one hand.
However, this past Thursday’s episode of NXT is now one of those times, as it was
one of their quarterly, 2-hour specials, entitled NXT Takeover: R-Evolution. I
have been very vocal in the past about my positive feelings towards the NXT
“developmental” brand in WWE and how, without a single doubt, THIS is the
future of WWE. From start to finish, bottom to top, this show was absolutely
spectacular. There were so many good things about the show, I can’t even list
them all, but I am going to list some of them. Let’s start with the obvious

There is no hesitation when I type these words; the two
cable television shows, in general, suck. Recycled storylines, same old main event
matches, and, the biggest factor of all, no real advancement or build-up of
truly gifted performers. Sure, you can argue guys like Ambrose, Rollins, Wyatt,
Ziggler and especially Reigns are the exceptions to that statement, but what
about others that have or are slowly getting lost in the shuffle? 
Harper (yes,
I know he’s the IC champ, but this is really Ziggler’s push AGAIN), Rowan,
Paige, Emma, and most of all, Cesaro! These guys and gals were all hugely
successful down in NXT before making their main roster debuts, except Ziggler.
Now where are most of them?  NXT’s show,
this past Thursday, made every main performer look amazing and that’s how every
show should be. It may just be me, but I felt as I watched the show there were
main players involved in every segment and all of them were equally important. 
Obviously you had the show stealers: Zayn & Neville put on yet another
classic matchup, which told a great story, both in the build-up and the final
in-ring product; Kevin Owens had a hellava debut with an amazing crowd reaction
as well; and lets call a spade a spade, Finn Balor’s entrance ALONE was more
entertaining than Raw and Smackdown in the last three weeks. The feuds in NXT
are simplistic, easy to follow and are consistent, while the main roster will
run a storyline for a month then change everything up the next. 
Maybe it’s just
me, but I also think the smaller production value actually adds more to the
show than what the big time production is of the two main shows. The quality
the NXT show gives me in 2 hours, or even the weekly hour show, is more worth
my viewing time than the five hours both shows give me each week.


NXT has proven week after week it is shaping up the future
of WWE. Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville proved Thursday night they are both ready
for the main roster. Both men crafted a perfect match that got the audience
invested in and held their interest. Finn Balor & Hideo Itami (both of
which could have great singles careers, especially Balor) put on a great tag
team match with The Ascension and gave Konnor & Viktor a great send off to
the main roster. 
Speaking of tag teams, The Vaude Villians and Lucha Dragons
put on a good tag team title match themselves. Hunico taking over the Sin Cara
gimmick again and teaming him with Kalisto was the best career move he could’ve
made. He now has someone that compliments him and his natural style and has
brought a new life and much needed reinvigoration to the Sin Cara character.
I’ve been a fan of Aiden English before he ever teamed with Simon Gotch, but
the two of them together have created quite an entertaining tag team. 
great team and, in my opinion, the most entertaining team in NXT is Enzo Amore
& Big Cass. Always cracking new and creative jokes and both men are great
in-ring hands. I believe all the fore mentioned teams can bring new life to
WWE’s lackluster tag team division. Sasha Banks & Charlotte had a
spectacular divas match and both women, along with Becky Lynch and Bayley can
help bring more credibility to the diva’s division. 
Corey Graves asked the
question, who the next Roman Reigns will be, and my answer to that question is
Baron Corbin. There is something about Corbin that screams superstar and, even with
the obvious mimic of Goldberg and his quick match, winning streak, I see so
much potential in this guy being a huge main eventer. I look forward to him and
Bull Dempsey, who also has the same potential, locking horns, This could be
a great big man feud for the brand. 
Finally, Kevin Owens showed everyone what
to expect from him; nothing but determination and dedication to being the
absolute best. I have been a fan of his since his Ring of Honor days and, if
his indie days are any indication to what we will see here in NXT/WWE, then we
are all in for a treat. All these men have unlimited potential to be great and
TAKE, not just grab, as many brass rings as possible. The only thing standing
in their way is Vince McMahon. Lets hope he doesn’t ruin the future by staying
stuck in the past.

By Travis F-H.

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