European Title Rumors and Undertaker’s next WrestleMania Opponent

European Title Coming  Back?
So I just starting following Lana on Instagram the other day,  I notice she posted an interesting photo of the WWE European Championship on her account, and when I checked out her page today the picture was gone. The photo was interesting because it featured the new implemented WWE logo. If the picture means what I think it means then Rusev should successfully defend the United States Championship at TLCS tonight against Jack Swagger and sometime in the near future dump it for the European Championship. It makes since if you think about it, what better way to receive more heat from the fans than to get rid of the U.S. title for the Euro title. Rusev is young and talented WWE Superstar, and this move would only enhance his growth. 

Undertaker vs. Wyatt at WrestleMania?
Ever since Sting signed with the WWE fans have begged for a Sting/Taker WrestleMania. There’ve been rumors that Taker would be a no-go for Mania’, now because of the “HE RISES” poster showing up all over social media , and rumors of Taker’s return at The biggest stage in spots entertainment if  “The Deadman”  rises at WrestleMania who will he wrestle? 

Think about it….. Does it really make sense for a Taker/Sting WrestleMania? Who better for the Future Hall of Famer to go one-on-one with “The Eater of Worlds” himself Bray Wyatt! Since the WWE wants Taker to be a part of WrestleMania it should be against an opponent that would look at Undertaker as a statement match. A match between them too would be sort of a “Passing of the Torch” Match. When Brock Lesnar broke the streak last year…. I assumed he would be a full-time wrestler. With Lesnar possibly leaving the WWE for UFC again when his contract is up in April, picking “The Beast” to break the streak was pointless. Because a full-time player should’ve been the one behind the one in 21-1.

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