CM Punk Jumps ships From Marvel to DC comics to write a 4 issue Mini Series!

Looks like CM Punk is dipping his hand the comic book world again. He recently took part in a Marvel’s Thor Annual #1 Special but now he will be jumping to DC comics to write for them. Dc comics saw how much the news trended about CM Punk writing for Marvel so I am guessing they wanted to grab a piece of his fame while it lasts.

Credits DC Comics

 He will be writing a story for “Strange Sports Stories #1”, which is a reboot of a very old series from the 60’s and will be part of a four issue Mini Series. The writers and artists involved will be Brian Azarello, Gilbert Hernandez, Paul Pope and Darick Robertson. The first of the 4 issue series will start in Match 2015.

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By Ramsey S.

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