Survivor Series 2014 Predictions By Travis F-H.

Survivor Series Predictions:
With WWE’s 2nd longest running PPV just mere
hours away, I thought I would resurrect my predictions article and offer up my
thoughts and opinions on tonight’s PPV. Who will survive the night? These are
my picks.
Divas Championship
I’ve been really impressed over the last couple months with
Nikki Bella’s successful heel turn. I haven’t been a fan of the “personal
servant” storyline she’s been involved in with Brie though. I feel like the
Diva’s division is starting to lack depth and character once again. Something
the current Diva’s champion, AJ Punk, excuse me, Lee, has worked so hard to
bring back along with her most recent rival, Paige. As much as WWE likes the
Total Divas show, I believe the “reality show” has hurt the division more so
than help it. This feud and championship match feels a bit rushed and just
thrown together without any real build up towards it, but what else is new WWE
these days, right? Anyways, I digress; I think Nikki’s in-ring work has improved
10-fold. I guess John Cena has shown her some in-ring moves as well. I’m just
waiting for her to pull out the STF submission hold, maybe tonight? AJ’s
talents and ability speak for themselves. She is exactly what she has claimed
to be over the last 2 years. She IS the Diva’s division. However, with rumors
of her leaving WWE after tonight’s event, I don’t see her walking out as
champion, as much as it pains me to write that. I pick, Nikki Bella, with the
assistance of her sister as her last act of servitude. Be prepared for the
Bella war to rage on with the Divas title in play.
4-on-4 Traditional
Survivor Series Divas Match-
I’m not going to waste time going into details on this
match. I’m picking Team Paige for this one, strictly because I like Paige more
so than Natalya.
Fatal 4 Way for the
WWE Tag Team Championship Match-
I really do thing WWE is trying to reinvigorate the Tag Team
scene again with this match on the main card. All the teams are very relevant
on WWE TV recently and have been quite entertaining. I’ve been a fan of the
Dust Brothers team from day one. Goldust especially has shown that age can be
just a number in wrestling, as I believe he is having probably his most
successful run since his debut. Stardust is quite entertaining and just as
creepy, if not slightly more, than his Gold counterpart. That being said, hands
the most entertaining team, the WWE Universe’s favorite to win and mine as
well, The Miz and Damien Mizdow, will be your new tag team champs. Mizdow is
having his most success as Miz’s stunt double and it’s been quite hilarious
watching him take fake bumps (how ironic is that statement) on the outside and
ring apron during Miz’s match, and watching him lip sync like a bad Godzilla
movie and imitate Miz’s gestures always has me and the crowd cranking up. Hands
down, my pick is Miz & Mizdow.
Dean Ambrose vs Bray
This is a feud many people have had high expectations for.
I’m one of those fans who thought this has great potential, but to many
people’s displeasure, and mine, it seems to have fallen flat. Involving the
“daddy issues” in this storyline is completely and utterly useless. It’s not
helping the story progress any. As a matter of fact, I think it’s hurting it
more than anything else. I really could see this as being this generation’s
Undertaker/Mankind rivalry, but right now, it hasn’t found the niche to have
people wanting to tune in every week and say “What’s going to happen next?!”.
I’ve said it numerous times and I’ll say it again, Bray Wyatt will be the new
Undertaker, no doubt about it. Dean Ambrose has become the CM Punk, playing the
anti-hero. These two have great mic skills and in-ring work, and tonight the
match is going to be the deciding factor on whether this rivalry continues to
sail on course or crash into an iceberg and sink, like the Titanic. For both
men’s sake, especially Ambrose’s, I hope the match is amazing. It’s hard for me
to choose the winner for this one as I am a fan of both, but tonight, I’m going
to choose… Bray Wyatt.
Team Cena vs Team
Authority 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination Match
The main event tonight, once again, doesn’t involve the WWE
Championship, which is ridiculous, in my mind, but it’s all about the money
according to Lesnar, at least. Besides that, I have to say the build to this
match has been quite well done. The whole build-up of who would have the nerve
to stand up against the Authority was brilliant and the way they had the
Authority dismantle anyone and everyone who dare oppose them was classic. I
like the teams put together for tonight’s encounter, with the exception of the
one head scratcher of Erik Rowan having an immediate face turn and face off
against his former Wyatt Family brethren, Luke Harper. While it made for a
great surprise, I still am wondering where they intend to go with this move. I
have to admit, as well, I love the reinvigoration of Ryback. He spent his time
in the proverbial doghouse and dealt with his injury, but he’s now come back
and has a great interest as a powerhouse player again. With all that going for
Team Cena, I have enjoyed the heel reign of the Authority over WWE. Corporation
2.0 has been a tremendous success and I would honestly like to see it continue.
The rumors also have been running wild on The Rock potentially coming back for
Wrestlemania season and side with Vince McMahon to take on Triple H for control
of WWE. From a personal perspective and the nostalgia factor as well, I would
love to see Rock and Triple H, who both are still in magnificent condition,
have one more match at Wrestlemania against one another. For that purpose
alone, I’m picking Team Authority to be triumphant tonight.
On side note, I have seen rumors and possible spoilers of a
new superstar and a major name returning tonight. Normally I would have read
those by now, but tonight I want to be a fan who gets surprised if someone is
indeed returning or making a debut. Keep your eyes open, tonight could be an
exciting night. And you can catch it all on the WWE Network, for FREE to new
subscribers during the month of November. Cheap plug.

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