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HighLights of Interview:
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WWE.COM: First off, what have you been up to since we last saw you in a WWE ring?
BETH PHOENIX: Oh, my gosh! Life has been nuts in the last two years. I’ve been doing a lot of shuffling and moving around, and the biggest thing that’s happened is that I became a mother!
I got pregnant five or six months after I retired, and then it was off to the races! It was a complete change of gears, and I was refocusing my life on my family. That was the reason I left WWE — not to have a baby, but to spend time with family. That was just a wonderful side result of spending time at home and being with my family. That was awesome, and it’s been a big change.
WWE.COM: How does being a mom compare with your life in WWE?
BETH: It’s challenging, but in different ways. The challenge with WWE was keeping up with the schedule and trying to stay healthy and uninjured during that time. Now, with motherhood, the biggest responsibility is trying to protect this little baby and care for her and her needs. So the shift has gone from a very egocentric world to making sure that she’s okay. So it’s just a shift in your priorities. I’m learning so much about myself. That’s the biggest difference. I’d say the speed doesn’t change, but it’s just in different areas. It’s still a fast-moving life.
WWE.COM: Your daughter has a very unique name: Lyric. How did that come about?
BETH: We actually had a list of names that we were crossing off during the labor process, and “Lyric” wasn’t on our list. We had narrowed it down to about 10 over the course of the pregnancy, and I was actually going through contractions as we were crossing names off the list, because we wanted to wait until she was born to really decide on a name.
Mid-contraction, Adam said to me, “What do you think of ‘Lyric’?” And I was like “Great, great, great! Write it down!” He had it in the back of his head but it hadn’t come out on our list until that moment. We had the baby, and in recovery we were talking about it and thought, “Gosh, it’s finally time to decide on a name!” We had narrowed it down to three or four, and we looked at her and we said, “You’re Lyric! You’re definitely a Lyric!” It was a last-minute, gameday decision.

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