Vince McMahon behind John Cena’s Dominant Push

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It has been reported for 

weeks now that Vince 


has been yelling at WWE 

creative on how they need 

to improve 

on  John Cena’s build towards his  rematch with Brock 
Lesnar. Vince is afraid that the audience does not believe 

Cena can even stand a chance against Brock after the 

beating he took from him at 


When John Cena first came back to Raw after losing  to Brock he dominated The Wyatt Family and that is 
said to be because of  Vince. 

Mr.McMahon  really wanted to show that Cena  still had  some fight left in him. There are several people backstage 

who are against Cena being booked so dominant but once 

Vince  has something in mind,  nobody can sway him 

any other way. 

By Ramsey S.
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