Brock Lesnar Vs. Andre The Giant Dream Match


 Andre “The Giant” and Brock Lesnar are two of the most strongest Athletes WWE has ever seen. Brock Lesnar could probably fireman’s carry a small vehicle on his back and give it an F-5 without thinking about it. Andre could literally crack a coconut with one hand and cradle the juice in the huge palm of his other to drink from. Well what if “The Giant” and “The Beast” both were to face each other in their prime? We break it down between Dream Storyline, possible chemistry/in ring chemistry and who would come out on top.

Dream Storyline


Let’s picture a Monday Night Raw with Brock Lesnar standing in the ring with his arms around his Title Belts and Paul heyman by his side, of course. Paul Heyman would be going on saying “Nobody can beat my client, it has been proven time and time again”. The crowd boo’s (or cheers depending what city they are in) and finally after ten minutes of Heyman ranting…Andre’s Music hits.
Andre was always a man of few words, so he walks down the ramp slowly, completely fixated at the WWE title belts that brock is holding. He enters the ring, walks right up to Brock Lesnars face, looks down and put his mammoth of hand right on one of Lesnars belts and says “I’m the Giant and you are not”. Brock also being a man of very few words, kicks Andre in the gut and attempts to pick him up for a F-5 but to no avail. Lesnar is pulled out of the ring by Paul Heyman, with Heyman shouting “not now Brock, not now”.

This would create a landscape for amazing things to come between the two, with everyone wondering if Brock Lesnar stands a chance against Andre and if the Giant would become the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Personal & In-Ring Chemistry


  It is safe to say not many people like Brock Lesnar on stage or behind the closed curtains. He use to always get in trouble backstage or get into some kind of real scuffle in the locker rooms. Andre on the other hand was said to be one of the nicest big men ever backstage and in the Ring. I am sure you can find some old story about a problem he had in real life but the majority of people that talk about Andre always have great things to say about them.

 I think behind the scenes these two would have more in common then one would think. The Giant enjoyed being outside and living away from big cities. Brock lives with Sable deep in the woods because he also enjoys the outdoors and smaller towns. I am not sure what the two would talk about but I can see Brock Humbling up when talking to a Legend like Andre.

In ring chemistry is also just as much speculation as to how they would get along in real life. These two would probably get along and flow with one another in the ring. The biggest problem and also the highest selling factor of their matches would be if Brock could do any of his dominating power moves on Andre. We have seen Brock Vs. Big Show and Brock seems to have no trouble lifting him into an F-5. Andre did not have a huge arsenal of moves and neither does Brock so I can not see this match getting very technical. This match would probably be more of a spectacle to see compared to breaking it down by what move is next or reversed. One of those matches where the crowd goes wild just from standing face to face and exchanging swings to the face.

Who would come out on Top?


  In my view, if the two were to collide, The Giant would have his hand raised in victory. Not to say his victory would come easy and not be earned. I feel like the storyline and matches would go on for months before we saw a clean victor. The Giant is known for taking a beating and Brock can stand toe to toe with the best of them. Brock Lesnars F-5 was slapped away and the Giant put Brock to sleep with his monster of hands draped around Lesnar’s head.

By. Ramsey S.

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