Kurt Angle coming back to WWE?

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Well most of us know TNA’s future on cable Tv is at a limbo right now. Major news sources are reporting Kurt Angle has been trying to negotiate coming back to WWE. The pitch he is trying to play is one out of Brock Lesner’s and HBK’s playbook…he wants a legendary contract. Basically he wants to show up for the major pay-per-views and wrestle a very limited schedule. 


Vince on Kurt Angles future

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   There is news that Vince McMahon is not keen on bringing him back to the company anytime soon. With recent neck injuries and his career not like it use to be, he does not want to take a chance on him. This is the viewpoint of a man who brought Triple H back after tearing his quad, Stone Cold breaking his neck..and so many other accounts with wrestlers coming back after being injured. There is obviously more to the story of why Vince does not see a future for Kurt Angle in WWE. 

Who The Hell Cares

   I have always been a Kurt Angle fan and I have absolutely no clue why they would not want to bring him back. He is known to be one of the best technical wrestlers ever, he is an Olympic freaking champion, who won with a broken freakin neck(I had to), he is great on the mic and WHO THE HELL CARES if he wants a legendary contract. In a time when WWE is losing money and making budget cuts, you would think they could see the financial gain for bringing Kurt Angle back.

More Positive than Negative potential

  If Kurt Angle did come back, World Wrestling Entertainment could finally release an updated and decent DVD of his career. They could do it right now if they wanted to but so many more fans and New fans would purchase it if he was currently on WWE TV. Also if he did come back then he would have the potential of being inducted into the hall of fame, which I believe he deserves. We cannot forget the potential TNA fans that would tune into Raw just to see what is going on with Kurt Angle…and hey, they might gain a couple new wrestling fans to their brand. 

$Its all about the Monnayyy$

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  When it is all said and done, World Wrestling Entertainment and Vince will always look for the financial gain first. It is all about the money (We inserted the Vince pic for this line, lol). I believe Kurt Angle will be back sooner or later because of this fact. I just hope sooner so he can entertain us with a few last matches.

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