Top 5 Best Moments on WWE TV 2014… So Far:

The Top 5 Best
Moments on WWE TV 2014… So Far:

     Half of 2014 is already in the books, and it has brought us
some good moments and feuds that definitely changed the landscape of WWE for
the remainder of the year. I have selected my top 5 moments of the year, so
far, to happen on WWE TV.
5. The Authority
Ceases Power

   Every good era needs that one defining bad guy or faction to
keep you tuning in, hoping eventually he, she or they get what’s coming to
them. In the “reality era,” it’s a reincarnation of one of the most dominant
and hated factions in the late 90s, The Corporation, only now its headed by the
COO Triple H and his McMahon confidant, and his wife as well, Stephanie
Whether you agree with it or not, The Authority has risen to become a
dominant force on WWE TV and it shows no signs of slowing down. Triple H leads
his drones, if you will, of Randy Orton, Kane and his newest protégé, Seth
Rollins at the front line of heels, but the main reason The Authority is so
easy to dislike is because of the two in charge. 
     Stephanie McMahon is easy to hate, because she is Stephanie McMahon. The billion dollar princess has always
been a despised character simply because she is a McMahon and some assume she
was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. You can tell she has come to embrace the boos, much like her father Vince McMahon did as the figure head of the
Corporation. In fact, it was said she was praised highly backstage after her
firing of Vickie Guerrero segment, saying it was “a chip off the old block”
However, even with a McMahon in The Authority, the biggest benefit The
Authority faction has, is arguably the best heel in WWE history, The Game
himself, Triple H. He’s done anything and everything. From wreaking havoc with
a sledgehammer to having Stone Cold hit by a car in attitude era, Triple H
loves to be hated.
These two are a great power couple for sports-entertainment,
on and off the air, and I hope they stick around on WWE TV for the foreseeable
future. The McMahon-Hemsley Era, is back; bigger, stronger, badder and, from a
TV standpoint, better than ever.
4. The Climax &
Fall of The Shield

     For a year and a half, the best three-man team since the
nWo, The Shield, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have run roughshod
over WWE TV. They defeated anybody and everybody in their path. John Cena,
Ryback, CM Punk, The Rock and even The Undertaker all suffered the wrath of the
Hounds of Justice with their triple powerbomb.
It seemed like no one would be
able to stop them… then, a dominant and dangerous group reformed with only one
goal in mind; to end The Shield. I’m talking about the 4-Horseman reincarnation
called Evolution. Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista reformed, as three out of
the four members, to prove they were the most dominant force of the last
   These two teams showed no matter what the outcome, they are six of the
greatest performers of this era. Extreme Rules was their first encounter and
did not disappoint. From start to finish, the match was very technical, had
some brawling moments and, overall, kept your attention through the whole
match. People wondered how they could top their first match, well Payback
showed how. In a No Holds Barred, Six-man Tag Team Elimination match, The
Shield showed, no matter what Evolution did to them, you couldn’t put the
Hounds down. 
     Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns took a beating with chairs, steel
steps and a sledgehammer, but still kept coming and would defeat Evolution in a
clean sweep. At this point, The Shield had achieved what was needed in order to
stake their claim as the most dominant team of the last decade, and were riding
one hell of a wave. However, the very next night, we saw one of its members
stab his other two Shield-brethren in their backs, as Seth Rollins would hit
Reigns and Ambrose with a steel chair to end the trio’s reign.
This was a great
decision by WWE, because they ended it while it was still on a high note. We
had three great results from this situation; we had a great feud between two
great factions, we have three new established single stars, who will each bring
something unique to the singles division in WWE, and we always have the
nostalgia factor of uniting the three members again in the future, because the
WWE Universe will always Believe In The Shield.   

3. 21-1

      Several people may chastise me for saying this, but YES I do
put the shocking conclusion of the amazing 21-0 streak of The Undertaker at
Wrestlemania, being broken as a top moment for WWE. I, like many others, stood
in awe as the referee’s hand hit the mat for the 3-count on Wrestlemania night.
At that very moment, I felt a part of my childhood RIP, pun intended. I had so
many thoughts in my head, such as, did that really happen; did the referee just
make the single biggest botch in wrestling history; was Undertaker suppose to
kick out and didn’t? Because it bothered me so much, I nearly walked out on my
friend’s annual Wrestlemania gathering. 
    Months later, I look back and realize
it might be the smartest move WWE will make all year. There are three main
reasons I think this way; 1) It not only made wrestling news, but it made
sports and entertainment news headlines the very next day, which brought more
attention to WWE; 2) In the “reality era,” as it has been dubbed by Triple H,
to have Brock Lesnar, who is a former NCAA division 1 wrestling champion and a
former UFC heavyweight champion, end the streak helps legitimize WWE and makes
all the sense in the world, because, lets be honest, at Undertaker’s age and
health now, there is no Undertaker could actually beat Brock Lesnar, with all
due respect to Taker; 3) It makes you hate Lesnar more, which makes him, as I
said in my Raw Reaction column, the #1 heel in the business, because he will
always be remembered as the 1 behind 21 and 1.
 Paul Heyman said it best on the
Wrestlemania 30 Fallout, only available on the WWE Network (cheap plug), The
Undertaker is still The Undertaker and no one could ever match the record set
or the names on that record. 21 consecutive Wrestlemania wins is something the
greatest names in sports-entertainment , including Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and
The Rock, have never even come close to achieving, but as the old saying goes,
all good things must come to an end, including 21-0.
2. Cena vs. Wyatt
     Every wrestling fan knows, in order to maintain this art
form you have to create new stars that keep you interested in the product.
Since last July, there has been one character with a polarizing personality and
an appetite for chaos and destruction. Bray Wyatt along with his henchmen, Luke
Harper and Eric Rowan, have created a southern Baptist preacher attitude
combined with a Manson Family cult-like group, appropriately dubbed The Wyatt
Family. From his captivating promos to all three of their unique in-ring
abilities for guys who are well over 300 lbs, The Wyatts have shown the WWE
Universe they are a force to be reckoned with. 
   I have said it since his debut
on RAW and even before hand when he was down in NXT, Bray Wyatt would become
this generation’s Undertaker, because his dark yet infectious character keeps
you wanting more from him. Bray Wyatt and his family had worked with Kane, CM
Punk and Daniel Bryan, all well established stars, within their first six
months on the main roster. However, they hadn’t been taken seriously enough to
say beyond a shadow of a doubt these guys are main event material. Then at the
Royal Rumble this year, after a show stealing performance and victory for Bray
over Daniel Bryan, the most popular wrestler in WWE today, he immediately set
his sights on the face of WWE for well over a decade now, none other than JohnCena.

For the next two months, we saw the rise of a brand new main eventer.
Cena worked with Wyatt for Wrestlemania season and the two of them created a
compelling story built around Cena’s legacy of hustle, loyalty and respect.
Wrestlemania was the first of three amazing matches between these two forces
and on that night the Superdome in New Orleans showed the world Bray indeed has
“the whole world in his hands.” While his feud with Daniel Bryan was great, if
it hadn’t been for his program with John Cena, I believe he would still believe
he would be a great talent WWE has so much potential with, but now the WWE
Universe not only has a great character, but a brand new superstar and main
eventer. That’s best for business.

1. The Yes Movement

     Beyond a shadow of a doubt, WWE’s best decision involved
listening to the WWE Universe, creating the biggest underdog story ever. The
rise of Daniel Bryan was something WWE never expected, but was the greatest
thing to happen to the business for a number a reason. The first and probably
most important reason is it showed you don’t have to be the biggest or
strongest wrestler to be a success in this industry. Daniel Bryan is not even six
feet tall and doesn’t weigh over 200 lbs, or if he does just barely, and
doesn’t fit the WWE prototype of what a main eventer should be. 
    What made Bryan
a success was the #1 trait every man or woman needs to have to be a main event
player in WWE, passion for the art and sport of pro wrestling.
He once was
asked if he were let go by WWE (aside from his firing in 2010), what would he
do and where would he go. His response was pretty basic, “Anywhere and
everywhere that wanted me. I didn’t get into the business for the fame or
money. I just wanted to be a wrestler.” The second reason is it proves the age
old saying, hard work truly pays off. Bryan has shown in his WWE tenure, and
even before then, he truly is a master of his craft and is willing to do anything
he possibly can to excite the fans. The third reason is it shows without
question, independent wrestling DOES matter and can breed WWE superstars. 
has always been a notion throughout WWE, if you’re not a home-grown, WWE made
wrestler, you

would never make it to WWE main event level. In the recent
decade, there have been two stars to come through the WWE curtain and have
become shining superstars. CM Punk was the first and Daniel Bryan followed
suite. Not much separates Bryan and Punk, in terms of in-ring work, but their
rise to the top were two different paths. Punk’s pipebomb promo changed the
landscape of WWE, but it was an effort on WWE’s part to keep Punk around, and, obviously
it worked. However, Bryan’s success was an organic situation, much like the
rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin. There wasn’t much WWE had to do, except run
with it.

  The WWE Universe made it known early on Daniel Bryan was the guy they
wanted to see. He was the guy they wanted to triumph against all the odds. He
was the reason thousands of people pack an arena and millions watch WWE at home
across the world for most of 2013. SummerSlam 2013 was the beginning of this
great story, with Bryan winning his first of three WWE titles, only to be
screwed over by The Authority. For the next seven months, the WWE Universe,
especially at this year’s Royal Rumble, made it known 
Daniel Bryan was
championship material, and is an A+ player by creating the YES Movement.
Wrestlemania 30 was the culmination of this story, having Daniel Bryan defeat
the 2014 Royal Rumble winner, Batista and the two men who screwed Daniel Bryan
in the first place, Randy Orton and Triple H. Now, even though Bryan is out
with a neck injury, the YES movement is still being heard, and when Bryan gets
back, I expect the YES movement will return full force and guide Daniel Bryan
right back to the main event picture, where he deserves to be.
By. Travis F-H      Follow on Twitter: @Travis-FowlHark

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