Emma is Fired?

Fired, but now she is back!

Tenille Dashwood also know as Emma from NXT was released by WWE for shoplifting a $22 ipad cover from a walmart…

First off it makes me wonder if they are paying the NXT wrestlers enough, on the other hand it was not like she was stealing food to eat. I really like Emma and what she brings to NXT but why in the hell would you steal an IPAD cover when your on TV program every week. I know there are a lot of rich people that steal to get a thrill or just to maybe to see if they can get away with it. The TV show your on gets shown to millions and millions of people worldwide! Anything wrong you do will always get some kind of press.

Well in a weird twist WWE fired her after the news broke but then there was an actual backing on social media for her. I guess someone higher up must of been having a good day because they reinstated her and are giving her a second chance. She already has the fan base to be a future WWE Diva on Raw or Smackdown, I just hope she does not mess up again but hey Orton is still here isn’t he?

What do you think? Should she have been given her job back? Should WWE have made an example of her? You can comment below without having account, so let me know how you feel!

By Ramsey S.

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