Wrestlemania XXVII, Best evvverrrr?

    This Wrestlemania was scheduled to be the biggest one of all times but I think they could have done a better job in some areas. I think most of us will agree Rock/Cena was great but just did not come close to Undertaker/Hbk top wm moment. They could have took advantage of more kickouts because that always gets the crowd guessing about who is really going to win. I mean that is why taker’s mania matchs have always been so great. The best match of the night was Undertaker/HHH. I personally thought it was going to be great but not that good. You really felt like HHH was going to do anything possible to win that match. With countless chair shots and other battering hits…I mean you could literally see takers bruises on his back start to form while in the match. 

Moving on to the Bryan/Sheamus match, I was pissed. I thought what in the hell just happened. It wasnt fun to watch or anything. Coming Monday night raw…I changed my opinion once I saw just how many DB fans have started forming because of this! I mean the Yes chants(Including other chants different that night), were crazy. The Yes chants have actually carried on to a lot of NBA games this week. Talk about an impact(No TNA pun intended)! 

Jericho/Punks match was also a highlight of the night. Keeping us entertained with pure wrestling. We need more of that and less brute guys throwing around versions of scoop slams!

A couple more quick touches.. I am glad BigShow actually got the win at WM and finally gets to hold a title after so long. The raw/sd match…ah it was actually not bad at all but thought half those guys deserved an individual wm matchs. Kane/Orton…ah wasnt very exciting..but its good to see them give kane a win in a match finally. Divas match actually had a couple high points…I mean a little better than I thought it was going to be.
WrestleMania in a nutshell was great. with highs and lows like any pay perview has. It was one of the best Mania’s ever put together, but I think they could have worked on a couple build ups for certain matchs better.

By. Ramsey S.

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