The Rock’s Promo Tonight!

The Rock’s Promo Tonight! Whats on His WRIST!
     The Rocks Promo was more anticipated then probably when he first came back. You could feel the crowd throughout the night. Besides Jericho/Punk amazing promo, the whole night you just wanted to see the rock electrify. When the rock came out it gave me goosepimples! I am sure a lot of you guys got them also!  He went out there and mostly squashed a ton of things John Cena has been saying about him never being there. He also had the crowd in his palms with all the different chants. What I thought was amazing is when John Cena came out and talked about how rock’s promo notes were written on his wrist too look like a tat.. 
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 You could feel the rock buck up and get Realllly mad. Its almost like he got stumped for a second. Once John Cena walked off it took a minute for The Rock to get any words out and when he did…He did not seem very sure of what he wanted to say. I give Cena some credit for getting to the rock with such a short promo. Of course the Rock ended up finishing Pretty strong and left you wanting more!! Good ol rOcky style!
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