Rock/Cena’s Match

Is the actual Match Going to Live up to the Hype?
I have 5 reasons why it WILL succeed or COULD possible suck!?

  1. There is to much money & time invested not to work! With these guys mouthing off through every social media outlet possible for almost the last two years and the build for it…I think the crowd alone will make everyone feel it!!! Who Remember Hogan Vs. Rock at Wrestlemania…Mute the volume and watch it again…that match sucked for a WM historical moment, but how much we love both of them and the crowd just made you feel like it was something special!
  2. They both know how to operate a crowd. These too guy’s..well maybe more Rocky, are always doing new stuff in the ring. Whether it would be grabbing a mic while fighting your opponent, throwing a bottled water at them, using there finisher or taunts…The Rock always keeps us guessing.
  3. Cena needs to Embrace The…. ARSENAL OF MORE MOVES(Thought I would be corny and say Hate didnt you!?)! I think He need’s to spice up the match with a couple more moves or just be really aggressive. The rock is not going to hold back!
  4. I think if the back and fourth gets to personal..or they talk of the cuff to may lead to a match where both of them are to fueled with resentment and lead to a lack of focus on the actual moves.
  5. If for some reason Cena or Rock gets “actually” gets injured by then and still have to perform..Its gonna really put a damper on how good the match could be!

Do you The People or C-nation fans have anything To add???

(Pic From NokiaGate)

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