The New Nexus

The Turn Buckles I will be Touching
  • Why WWE is Pushing the Nexus/Cena Storyline
  • When is Triple Coming back and what storyline will he take on?
  • Big Change In WWE bound to Happen in January
  • More Rumbling Rumors!!
The New Nexus

       Nexus is entering a new stage this fall and I think its going to be a build of a stronger Nexus. With Cena being added to there Team, I dont see any reason why WWE is going to throw away the Nexus anytime soon. Cena brings alot of viewers to the Nexus angle and that is just what wwe wants. The rating on Raw last week had a little jump due to viewers wanting to see what will happen with Cena. Will we all found out that the Nexus wasnt disbanded and they added a new cast memeber. You are probably saying, yea but Tarver(Guy with black bandanna) is out of nexus now because of cena….so maybe there might be a decline in  the Nexus soon.. I say not…Read my next topic to find out
The New Nation Of Domination

     Alot of people may or may not know the group called NOD, or Nation of Domination but remember them or not they put alot of young superstars over. They consisted of D’Lo brown, The godfather, THE ROCK and the leader faarooq. At other times NOD also had Mark Henry, Owen heart and ahmed johnson. They had a couple other guys in and out but nobody worth noting. Well with the recent Darren Young and Micheal Tarver bening injured out of nexus or exiled out..there are tons of rumors flying around what may happen to these two “up in coming stars”? Well speculation and my opinion is a new nation of domination. With Mark Henry not being used or in a storyline right now this would be an ideal plan to have him lead a young group to get them over. Plus the word is ezikel Jackson might be added to the group. Faarooq? I’m not sure if they will give him one last run or not but that would essential for the original NOD fans. I think if this group were to be formed it would give another angle with Nexus. Wither it helps Nexus or helps the guys on NOD, it still benefits pushing new stars. 

Game Over?

      The Game in my opinion will never be over!! Only because I love Triple H! Well everyone keeps speculating that triple H is not coming back, he is the mystery GM, he wont return till Wrestle-mania or whatever else they are saying. Well the fact is at the moment he is on the road with Linda McMahon promoting her race for Senate. Yea its kinda weird but you can go online and find tons of pictures with HHH clean cut standing beside Linda at appearances. I think once the Senate race is over, which is going to be in the next few weeks, then they will start getting ready for the return of Triple H. My personal Opinion that he will be coming back at the Raw mystery Gm.
Raw-Smackdown going through puberty soon
      With smackdown ratings kind of low, Raw ratings jumping up in down and all these new stars getting a push there is a lot of heat behind the squared circle(I hate that line). There are a lot of sources that say the moral is not to high with so many WWE stars leaving. Shawn Michaels, Flair, Batista, Jericho, Mysterio(Saying he may leave soon),Taker(said to be on his last run) and many more main stars on the decline there are plans for a merger of brands. You are probably thinking this article is stupid but Vince himself said come January there will be some major changes with the way Raw-Smackdown is handled. What do you guys want to see happen?
 More Rumbling Rumors
  • Wrestling highest Flyers Dvd is now out AND it looks freaking sweet!  
  • Jericho May start wrestling outside of wwe?
  • The new WWE’s Legends Roundtable episode featuring “Wrestling Families” debuted last Friday on WWE On Demand.
  • Buried Alive Match between Taker n kane in the Upcoming Pay-Per view Confirmed. 
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